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To accelerate the emergence of fashion that serves humanity's ecological and social capital.

COSE361 is a consultancy specialising in sustainable fashion. Since 2019 we have been supporting the fashion ecosystem, from strategic activism to impact project management, on the ground with the women and men in the industry.

  "Without traceability there is no measurement, without measurement there is no progress"   

Traceability is the first step in our industry's transition to responsible fashion. Regulatory pressure on this issue is accelerating in France and internationally, but it remains an obstacle course for manufacturers and brands.

Here too, environmental impact is a key tool for the sector's transition and for steering a coherent strategy to meet the environmental challenge that concerns us all.

However, this subject is highly dependent on traceability and faces a number of obstacles: opaque regulations and methods, low market maturity, lack of reliable and accessible tools.

Since 2019, COSE361 has been working on a daily basis with players in the fashion ecosystem to move the fashion agenda forward. We are participating in new collective projects with a strong impact on our sector.

For example, we are supporting the "Traceability" project of the French Fashion & Luxury Strategic Committee, which has helped to guide more than 50 companies and trade federations.

In terms of environmental impact, we represent one of our clients on the PEFCR Apparel & Footwear working group on the European methodology for calculating environmental impact.

To further accelerate the transition of the fashion ecosystem and in line with our mission, we have created Fashion Act : an innovative event with a first edition 100% dedicated to traceability and environmental impact for fashion brands and manufacturers.

Our projects that shift fashion boundaries


Representing a customer on the Technical Secretariat (TS) of the Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (PEFCR) Apparel & Footwear.


After co-piloting a collective study on physical longevity, launch of a research project on extrinsic (non-physical) longevity of garments.


Leader of the traceability project of the french Fashion & Luxury Strategic Committee since 2019. Support for >50 companies, brands, manufacturers and institutions in implementing traceability solutions.

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